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About Us

For a Better Future

When the pendulum swings too far in one direction an inherent force will make it go back to the opposite side.  A strong force will make it swing all the way to the other end, but just the right amount of movement will cause it to come to rest in the middle.

In life, any extreme is usually not optimal.  Too much food and your health suffers, too little food and your health suffers.

The goal of this site is to start discussion on current topics and allow us to converge and discuss ideas and compromises that can lead to a healthy and productive society.  We may not always get what we want, but there is a happy medium where we can all get some of what we want and most of what we need.

We need to work hard, and we need to work together to build A BETTER FUTURE.

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Our Story

After watching so many things changing and affecting our everyday lives, our founder wanted to create a forum where hard social issues could be discussed with a rational and pragmatic point of view in hopes of finding solutions that can be shared and implemented to make this world a better place.

Meet the Team

Below you'll find the group of contributors to this website.

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Ingrid Safranek


Ingrid is a CPA by trade but loves discussing current events and finding solutions.

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